Who is who

LGBT CERN is run by a handful of keen people. We’re always happy to have other people help out!

The Executive

The Executive makes up the core of the group, and it is made up of four roles. People are elected to these roles at the Annual General Meeting, or in by-elections, as needed. To contact the Executive send an email to lgbt-contact@egroups.cern.ch

President : Alex

The role of the President is actually an historical role, created when we were applying to become a CERN Club, before the Staff Association rejected our application. The President has no explicit responsibilities, although they are generally very active in the group.

Chair : Anders

The Chair takes care of the day-to-day running of the group. They are the main point of contact for the CERN Diversity Office, other LGBT groups, and make announcements of events.

Secretary : Christian

The Secretary is responsible for the mailing list, for announcing and recording the general meetings, and acts as a point of contact for new members.

Webmaster : Aidan

The Websmaster keeps this website in check, as well as maintaining the Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube accounts, and another other online services the group uses.

Ad-hoc Officers

We can create any other officers we feel the need for whenever we want, and these are called Ad-hoc Officers.

DVD Diva : Mario

Mario’s role is to organise DVD nights. We love DVD nights.

3 Responses to Who is who

  1. Agnès DENIS says:


    I’m a member of the comité of a film festival held in the Pays de Gex & Geneva, the Festival de Cinema des 5 Continents. I’m in charge of the communication among a few other things…
    On tuesday 24th at 18h30, we will screen a film that might interest your group. Could you send me an email to which I can send a presentation mailing? We would appreciate a lot if you could forward this communication to your members, and if course if you will come and see the film ‘Une femme iranienne’ in Vost.
    The complete program could be see here: http://5continents.festicine.fr
    Hope seing you many in Ferney on Tuesday,

  2. Rachel Yohay says:

    Dear LGBT CERN Executive,

    My name is Rachel Yohay and I’m currently working as a postdoc at CERN employed by UC Davis. Last night, I met the vice president of UN-GLOBE, an organization promoting equality for and nondiscrimination of LGBTI staff in the UN system and its peacekeeping operations. He mentioned that he was interested in reaching out to LGBT CERN because he’d read about the problems the group faced in organizing, as well as the vandalism of the group’s flyers. I’m just writing to put you in contact with him in case you would like to discuss more about these issues. Please write back if you would like his name and e-mail address. Cheers.

  3. Aloyshy says:

    I am so impressed by the organisation. Even if the group meets some challenges, the work so far done is commendable. I would say push on fighting for the rights of the less privileged and never give up on your believes.

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