Potential name change – Preproposals

February 2017

Dear members of LGBT CERN,
in order to prepare the vote for a potential change of name of LGBT CERN please find here a list of all pre-proposals that have reached me. Once a pre-proposal is supported by three members or more via notification to me, it is qualified for the ballot. The list of qualified proposals can be found here.
Cheers, Secretary

More detailed information has been given by the Chair via mail:

The first step is seeking proposals from you. Any member can propose a new name by contacting the Secretary privately […] . You can also include a short explanation of why you have made your proposal. You can of course also announce your proposal to the mailing list, but formal proposals must still be made directly to the Secretary. In order to qualify for the ballot, a proposal must be supported by three members of the group. You can declare support for a proposal by emailing the Secretary directly – either at the same time as the proposal or in a separate message. The list of proposals and explantations will be available at http://lgbtcern.com/wordpress/?page_id=265 . That website will include two lists: proposals supported by 3 members (which have qualified for the ballot) and proposals that have not yet reached 3 supporters. Proposals will be accepted from now until 3 March.


List of pre-proposals:

  • LGBTQ CERN => Qualified
  • LGBTIQA CERN => Qualified
  • RAINBOW CERN =>Qualified
  • CERN Queer
  • Colors of CERN
  • Spectrum
  • Lambda Particles