Who are our members?

Anyone on our mailing list is a member of LGBT CERN. This list is confidential and currently has around 50 members.

Are our members just LGBT?

Our members are not just lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender. Anyone is welcome to become a member, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity. The letters “L”, “G”, “B” and “T” are not enough to fully reflect the diversity of our group, and to include all the people we would like we’d also need the letters “Q”, “I”, “A”, “P” and many more letters. However at some point we must draw a line for practicality. We are a very diverse group, and we can never hope to to find enough labels for all of us!

I’m not L, G, B, or T. Can I be a member?

Sure! If you want to join us so you can socialise you are welcome to do so. The only reason we have to stop someone becoming a member is harassment, so as long as you are not abusive to other members you can come to our events.

What if I’m not “out” yet?

If you are not “out” you are welcome to join us as well. We have a policy that we will not “out” anyone against their will. If you do not feel comfortable joining us in public that’s okay- we have plenty of less visible events. If you are “out”, but are still questionining your identity you are welcome as well. We have many members who do not even want to define themselves with labels, so do not feel that you have to be one thing or another.

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